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Big Beef Beer Review
By Tim

In keeping with our October theme, Tim reviews another cider.
The days continue to grow colder and as the nights are upon us earlier and earlier.  Old Jack Frost has begun his rounds. Those up earlyApples for cider production enough will see everything with a fine layer of white frost upon it. Those praying for snow will look out on the world upon first waking and believe that it has snowed during the night although no snow was forecast. (That would be me -Go Snow!!!!!!!!!) It is time to bring in everything from the garden.  The canning and freezing is done.  Time to cover the flowerbeds and roses (the pumpkins can stay for a time). The orchards should be empty, wait ...some apples were left out...they are covered with frost can they be sold now?????!!!!!!!! What should we do with them?????!!!!!!!! No apple juice for us - let the hard cider making begin!!!!!!!!!!! If you say the last four lines like an ESPN sportscaster you will enjoy it much more.

For the second week in a row I have chosen to review cider. The fall season is so strong I could not resist. I have also spent the day listening to a Gaelic music album called Gaelic Storm in which a song is song about cider. The song is called Johnny Jump Up (an Irish cider). (Check the band out at or The refrain of the song goes as such:

Oh never, oh never, oh never again...
if I live to a hundred or a hundred and ten
for I fell to the ground and I could not get up,
after drinking a pint of the Johnny Jump Up.

Why not visit a cidery?Well, I cannot do so well as to write a song about the cider (unless I am allowed to sing it) so I will just review it for you. Hard Core, a Hard Crisp Cider, is made by the Hardcore Cider Company in (believe it or not) Cincinnati, Ohio. I rate this cider 3.5 BB & B's As it says on the box, 'Serve cold for just the right bite.' I am not sure what type of bite the makers are talking about, but I have again rated a cider rather high on the Big Beef and Beer scale.

This cider is not quite as good as last weeks cider, Woodchuck Draft Cider (Amber), but should be substituted for Woodchuck if it is not available. This is not as good as Woodchuck but still tastey. (I may have a weakness for the 'ol Johnny Jump Up) This hard cider is a blend of 15 different types of apples, which is good, but leads to it just being short of the apple cider taste. The taste is sweet and crisp as advertised. It is so crisp that it is called a dry cider and it definitely tastes dry. Again the cider leaves very little aftertaste unless you drink it with a piece of Pappa Johns pizza dipped in garlic and butter sauce. The mix of garlic butter and hard cider is not to good.

Alcohol content is 6% by volume and the cost for a six pack was $5.49 at Kroger. (Readily available for all selective consumers) Sorry Bill C. have not yet located Woodpecker cider. Tune in two weeks from now for the hard cider showdown. This will be the event of the nineties. (Should be said like advertising for a monster truck rally) A panel will rate a majority of ciders on the market. I have veto power, though.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.
(Ranking Rounded up by Greg)

Price: Paid $5.49 for a six-pack

Availability:  Widely available.

URL:  None Found