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Big Beef Beer Review
By Tim

The Aftermath"This is Tom Brokjaw reporting for the NBC news. In the past few weeks an event has caught the minds and hearts of the entire nation. This event was planned to be a breakthrough for new music, food, and beverages. An eclectic event that would truly reflect the melting pot nature of the United States. But, as occurs all to often, the event turned tragic. Only six survived the wreckage that now lays where the Johnson Barn stood. Wulf Blitzkrieg is now live with the story of the aftermath:

TB : "Wulf, Wulf, can you hear me?'
WB : " Barely, please speak loudly, the electricity has been shut off for miles around and we are running on generator power only. I must add that at the end of this report I must turn the generator over to the National Gaurd to help in search efforts."
TB: 'Ladies and Gentlemen do to the low power situation we will not interrupt Wulf's report."
TB: "Wulf, Wulf, please give us the full story."
Rioting Gets out of HandWB: "Well Tom, it seems that last nights Cidernationals, a cider tasting competition, which attracted the greatest musical artists and cider makers, was to begin about 5:00pm. Due to the popularity of the event nearly 200,000 people showed to a hall that could only hold 4,000. The organizers are reported to have decided that it would be best to open the doors instead of holding back 200,000 people, thereby avoiding a riot. Well, that is what occured shortly after nearly 10,000 people jammed into the barn. The cider ran out within five minutes and once the kegs of cider were demolished the crowd turned to the building. Oddly enough the band played on through the entire event and even this morning the stage is untouched.
TB: "And what of the organizers?"
WB: "Reports have it that their first names were Reginald and Swank and they were last seen searching amongst the wreckage for six that were reported lost in the wreckage and ruin."
TB: "Do we have the names of these six?" WB: "No, but they are reported to be members of a local family called Hornsby."
TB: "(To the veiwing audience) Well, there you have it. This is Tom Brokjaw, for NBC news. Goodnight."

Greg and I escaped the first annual Cidernationals with only the six members of the local family of Hornsby. That is a six of George Hornsby's Amber Hard Cider brewed by Hornsby's Pubdrafts LTD. As a result, we figured we should sit down, and in keeping with the October theme of cider, rest for awhile, and provide a review of the survivors. I rate this cider: 4 BB & B's - The taste is not so dry, but clearly a cider taste. This is also a good change of pace from beer and fits in well with fall.

Unlike the other ciders that I have reviewed, Hornsby's does not claim some relation to England, Ireland, early colonists, or whatnot. It merely claims that it is in the traditions of the world over, providing a pleasant taste that 'brings the most refreshing and satisfying taste that we know'. I like anything that is modest and not out to overcome the consumer with advertising. This is Hornsby's! It definitely lives up to its advertising and beyond. As stated above, Hornsby's has a clear cider flavor which is very smooth. It is not so sweet as the other ciders I have reviewed and does not taste that great with a large order of macaroni and cheese. It leaves a good apple aftertaste as well, great for two people hanging out after a big snowstorm. Hornsby's comes in second after Woodchuck Draft Cider (Amber).

6% alcohol by volume and priced at Krogers at $6.00. The other ciders calories are over 220 but Hornsby's is a low 170 per drink. The diet draft cider.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: Paid about $6.00 for a six-pack

Availability:  Widely available.

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