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Beer Review
By Reggie

Holy Moses Beer
Moretti's Red -- LaRossa Birra

Crafty advertising has made red beer popular again. Old standards like Killian's and wannabees like Killarney's suddenly have new life. Generally refreshing, mild and medium bodied, they've always been a BB & B favorite. But, caveat emptor, not all red beers are the same!

La Rossa Birra Moretti, or Moretti's Red, is a heavier double malted red beer. The double malt gives it a hearty texture and rich flavor. It is also darker red than the more popular red beers.

The added body,texture and flavor make this beer a decent fall or winter beer. It is consistent with other winter beer we've reviewed. It has slight hint of spice , but not as much as a Christmas beer. A Killian's drinker may be a bit overwhelmed by it. If you're a Killian's drinker, be prepared or be disappointed.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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