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Beer Review
By Reggie

A Cold Winter's Ahead - Stock Up!!
A winter's brew just for you!

Settle down for the evening with a warm fire and enjoy A Winter's Ale. Normally this time of year I'm drinking up the Christmas brews, and I have been. The bastard brother of Christmas brews are winter ales, however, and they deserve some of my attention.

Christmas beers get all the glamour and glory. They're a part of many holiday festivities, and rightfully so. They warm the spirit and atmosphere with their hearty flavors, and spicy noses. They are often the vehicles for prying macrobrews out the out of the hands of the beer retarded (<SARCASM>mmmm, Bud Light is delicious!</SARCASM>).

Anyway, winter brews, including A Winter's Ale have many of the features of Christmas ales. A Winter's Ale is lighter in color than most. It is a copper caramel color. This may be due to the scotch ale method of brewing.

Brewed In Vermont by  Real Vetmontians!
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The color foreshadows the body. Although full in flavor, A Winter's Ale is not at all heavy. After putting one away, I had room for more, and I did consume mass quantities.

In between swallows, I did take some time to taste the beer. A Winter's Ale is not a spicy as most of it's Christmas brothers. The same spices are definitely there, just more subtly.

Overall, A Winter's Ale is a solid brew that you can enjoy all winter. It's subtle spices and full body will warm the spirit, but not put you down for a long winter's nap. I'll probably still serve Christmas beers at my Christmas eve party, but A Winter's Ale will be in my fridge all winter long.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

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