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Beer Review
By Reggie

Grolsch Amber Ale
It's still just Red Beer

"Don't call it a come back." Have red beers become popular again? There's been some stirring in the market in the last year. No major shift, but the marketing of Killian's Red and Killarney's Red must have turned some heads.

Enter Grolsch Amber Ale. Technically, not a red beer but an altbier. Brewed in the same style as other beers from the region - conforming to some Bavarian early Renaissance purity law as if to say "We don't put shit in our beer. No, really we don't."

Actually, Grolsch Amber Ale has quite a clean taste. It goes down smooth and leaves the same taste experienced while drinking it -- there's no suprising aftertaste. It has a full body, but not heavy at all. It is lighter than most red beers. If you've had regular Grolsch, its just what you'd expect.

Just like it's older brother Grolsch Amber Ale may be a bit too hauty-tauty to be your everyday beer. However, it would be perfect for a special occasion. A good beer to share with good friends, and a good beer help others transition from there crappy old Miller Lite.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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