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  Big Beef Beer Review
By Greg
     When Big Beef and Beer dot Com first came to be, I stumbled into the Philly Pub Links page. It listed several bars that I had been to during a week long business trip to Philly a year earlier. Somehow the Karma was right. There was a cool animated gif on the page that I wanted to use. I contacted the webmaster. Not only did he OK the use of his image, but he also suggested a beer that I should try.
     Mike, the webmaster, told me about Delerium Tremens. At first I thought he was yanking my chain. I had heard of DT's but in an entirely different context. I equated DT's with the hee bee gee bees. I thought he was referring to withdrawal symptoms of a drug addict. Mike told me that Delerium Tremens had an alcohol content of 14%. 14%! No wonder it caused DT's. I had to find some.
     I searched, and searched, but none I found. Delerium Tremens was either a myth, or just wasn't available in my area. After speaking to my local beer god, I found that because of its high alcohol content, I couldn't buy it in my state. Needless to say, I was disheartened. The name alone intrigued me. How could I get some?
     Fortunately for me, I again stumbled into greatness when I found The Belgian Shop. This site offers every available Belgian beer, including Delerium Tremens. I was excited, and placed my order immediately. I had to have this beer.
     Because of a typo on my part, and the fact that the owner went on vacation, it took nearly three weeks to get my order. I was very concerned when I picked it up because the box was smashed and reeked of stale beer. I hoped the owner would be kind enough to replace my loss, but I was even more pissed that I had to wait to try the beer I had anticipated so. I felt like I was in an old Heinz Ketchup commercial. Anticipation was making me wait.
     Much to my delight, of the 7 bottles I ordered, only 1 had sprung a leak during its journey. I was very pleased. I stuffed the bottles in the fridge, and headed off to softball practice. The Belgian Shop had recommended that I drink them cold. After a sweaty work out, I looked forward to a chilled brew.
     I was not disappointed. Delerium Tremens was a delicious brew after such an activity. Some suggestions follow though. Do not drink this beer out of a bottle. It has tons of natural carbonation. Pour it into a glass. Preferably a very tall one. After all I learned in college, I still couldn't pour this beer without getting a huge thick, foamy head. What a a waste of $30,000.
     Delerium Tremens proved to be an awsome beer. It is a yellow ale with a very smooth texture and semi sweet taste. Definitely not bitter. BTW, it only has an alcohol content of 9%, about twice that of the strongest American beers. After 2, wqithout any dinner, I had a good buzz going. At the time of the creation of this week's beer review, I could not feel my cheeks.
     This beer gets a ranking of 4 BB &B's from me. That ranking though comes with a caveat. Unless this beer is available locally, cost may prohibit its enjoyment. The Belgian Shop only charged me $2.30 (US) per 12 oz. bottle, but there were $46 in tariffs and shipping costs. With that in mind, you gotta try this beer if you can get it locally, or are willing to pay the price.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price:  I paid over $60.00 U.S. for 7 beers including tariffs and shipping.

Availability:  Your state laws will determine this.