Big Beef Beer Review
By Tim

I am not an expert at hops and barley and all that. As far as I am concerned, a pallet is where you put kegs of beer and cases of bratwurst to be shipped to the nearest tailgate party, not something in your mouth.  But I will give you the a practical beer review. Recently, I purchased a twelve of J.W. Dundees Honey Light Lager.   I wanted to buy a twelve to share with my friends and to review for all our readers.  This caught my eye as I was walking through the grocery store.

This beer is probably the smoothest beer that I have ever tasted.  It easily is smoother than any watered down beers, without being watered down.   At my party beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers enjoyed the flavor of this beer.  Usually there is at least one who will complain about any beer that you buy, but absolutely no one complained.   At least one person could be heard saying it tasted like Labatt's Blue (Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!?).

I recommend this beer for all parties. I think you will have no complaints
from anyone. The beer tastes like your average clear beer with a cool name.

Ranking :  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price:  Average (It didn't phase me so I don't remember).

Availability: Just about everywhere.


Brewer: HighFalls Brewing Co.

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