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Big Beef Beer Review
By Greg & Tim

Tim told me he wanted to do a beer review together.  A good idea, I thought.  We'd head up to the local liquor store, and pick a great beer for this reunion of the Big Beef and Beer consortium.  As we perused the selection, I smacked my lips in anticipation of  a delicious beer.
    As ol' Reggie was making some obnoxious sound with his mouth. I decided to look around the store for a different, out of the ordinary beer to review for our most favorite fans. I typically look for the diamond in the rough. As Robert Frost said, "I took the road less traveled and that made all the difference."
    Tim was wandering around the store aimlessly, overwhelmed by the big city selection, so I suggested a beer.  He mumbled something unintelligible that I took as "no."  I decided then that I'd let him choose the beer.  He had driven through the Heartland to join me for my company golf outing, and he was my guest after all.
    Reg was having some difficulty making a decision so I made the decisive call.  In keeping with my philosophy, 'the best is off the beaten path', I chose a beer brewed by the Flying Dog Brew Pub, Aspen, Colorado.  The name was bizarre and there was allot of cool sayings and pictures on the bottle and carton.  The beer's name was Old Scratch Lager and had two fleas on the label.
    I told Tim that I didn't care if he had to scratch his fleas, just pick a damn beer already.  That's when I noticed Tim staring intently at Old Scratch Lager.  He had finally chosen a beer.  He obviously was fascinated by the cartoons on the carton.  Without further delay, we headed for the exit.
    Fortunately there were cold beers available, so we were able to crack a couple open as soon as we got home.  Have you ever tasted dried brown grass?  I finally knew what it was like to be a cow grazing during a drought (not that I ever really wanted to know).  Worse still, after I caught my breath, there was a distinct taste of Dial soap in my mouth.
    Once we returned to Reg's place we popped open two cold ones and dialed up the Steelers pre season game on the internet. Old Scratch is a micro brew so I expected a mild bitter taste. I was not disappointed. The taste is not exceptional nor bad.  I would say an average micro brew. Beyond this there is very little to say except that the label and carton graphics are pretty cool.  Definitely not the diamond in the rough but worth trying one or two.
    It was beer, so I drank it.  I wouldn't recommend that you seek out this beer, but don't turn it down if you stumble across it.  Tim gave it a 3, and I gave it a 2.

Price:  I paid $6.99 a 6 pack U.S.

Availability:  Can get it at well stocked grocery stores and finer liquor establishments.

URL:  The dogs are cool!  Release the hounds!!!

This is a cool site Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's. (Tim)
Ranking: out of 5 BB&B's (Greg)

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