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Beef Review
By Greg

Sometimes we stumble into the best places by accident.  Saturday night I had the taste for steak and a homemade microbrew.  So, I decided it would be a good night to head out to Paul Harvard's Brew House on the East Bank of the Flats, Cleveland, Ohio.

When I arrived, Paul Harvard's was gone, and in it's place was the House of Brews.  I had already braved sub-zero windchills, and was not going home with an empty stomach.  Besides, except for the name, it did not look any different from the outside.  In the big storefront I could still see the brewery, which meant they still brewed their own beers.

The inside was just how I remembered as well.  It was decorated as I imagine any pub would have been at the time of the American Revolution - colonial, New England, dark but warm.  I sat in a high back booth which provided comfortable privacy and intimacy, which I would have really appreciated were I on a date.  They were large and spacious enough however, to handle a few big guys smoking cigars.

Logo on beer menuIn addition to the food menu, the Brew House provided me with a beer menu too. The beer menu included 10 different house brews, and 57 different imports from 13 different countries. 12 of the 57 selections were from the country of Belgium including 1 Lindeman's Cuvee Rene for $31 a 25 ounce bottle. I'll have to try it sometime soon.  The beer menu was quite impressive.

I decided I 'd stick with an in house specialty, and selected their McBryan Scottish Ale. In their own words:

Deceptively light in body and color, this brew is a tawny copper color. Brewed in traditional style with only floor malted Marris Otter Malt and roasted barley.  This ale has a biscuitty, nutty malt character, and is served from a slow pour tap for a creamy body.

I also tried their Incubus:

Served unfiltered or sur lees, Incubus seems to glow with its own inner fire. Warming alcohol notes are offset by a fruitty/spicy yeast character and a candy sweetness which finishes remarkably dry. Aged on toasted French oak [not oak French toast -G.], which lends a slightly vanilla note.  Brewed with the finest German Pilsner malt, Belgian 'Candi' sugar, and hops from the Zatec region of the Czech Republic.

The Scottish Ale had a more unique and distinctive taste than the Incubus, and would probably appeal more to the connoisseur. The Incubus was was as sweet as described. It went down smooth and easier, and would be a good beer to initiate someone into the world of microbrews.

To go with my beer, I ate a grilled center cut New York Strip served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, leeks, and mushroom & cabbage ragout. My steak was cooked to perfection (medium rare), and served piping hot. The service was friendly and efficient. Our server, Erin, was very personable and attentive. At least one Johnny Bravo "Oh Mama!" was heard as she approached our table.

The House of Brews would be great place to take a date, or just hang out with the guys. I also would not hesitate to take family and friends there for special occasions. The only draw back might be a limited menu, especially in the beef area. Filet Mignon was the only other steak entrée. Still, the House of Brews gets 4 BB &B's.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: I spent $70.00 (including tip) - dinner for 2, with 2 drinks each (she drank wine).

Availability:  Only in Cleveland, Ohio!


1087 Old River Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio