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Beer Review
By Tim

From belgianshop.comHello again, fine beer connoisseurs and Big Beef and Beer devotees. I have found a new source for interesting beer purchases and would like to share another flavorful review with you. I again delve into an ale.  This one is imported from Belgium. It is imported by All Saints Brands Inc., in Minneapolis, Minnesota and brewed by the Belgian brewery Sterkens.  The name of the ale is St. Sebastiaan Golden.

The beer is clear and golden. Be very careful when pouring, unlike American beers, St. Sebastiaan has a very good head. A good pour may leave over an inch of head. The bottle is a gray pottery type with a ceramic 'cork' (always a plus) and contains a pint of liquid (again a plus). The aroma is not displeasing and, although I cannot pinpoint the exact smell, it is reminiscent of trees and outdoors in the wintertime with a distinctive clove scent. As far as taste, there is (as with the smell) a distinctive taste of cloves with a wood keg flavor. There is some bitterness, some sweetness, and a bit of a carbonation type bite to the beverage. The ale goes down smooth and does not have a bitter aftertaste. I did not like it at first but it grew on me -- it may have been the alcohol content -- 7.6% -- or maybe it was just good.

A pint of St. Sebastiaan is nearly $7.00 and can only be found at your specialty stores. I rate this ale 3 Big Beef and Beers. The ale grew on me but I could not get over the 'distinctive' clove taste or the price.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

Availability: Limited to specialty shops and on line.




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