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Beer Review
By Tim

From belgianshop.comToday's beer review is coming to you from the epicenter of the flu epidemic, the home offices in Columbus, Ohio. The East Coast gets piled under by tons of white fluffy snow and Ohio gets tons of white, less than fluffy, used tissues. (East Coast here I come). From the depths of this nastiness has risen a finger - a finger of epic proportions. The 'Bishops Finger' as a matter of fact. Now this is not some lude hand gesture, but actually the beverage that will be reviewed this week.

Bishops Finger is a cask ale that is brewed by Shepherd Neame, Britain's Oldest Brewery in Faversham, Kent and imported by Dab Importers Inc. in Moorestown New Jersey. (See the Sheperd Neame websight and go to the index and select beers and then cask ale to get to the Bishop's Finger page.)

Bishop's Ale (BA) is a Kentish Strong Ale. Being on an ale kick lately, I hate to quit now. It is a cask ale and self-described as 'full bodied with complex fruit flavours.' Don't worry though, if you are like me and avoid fruity beers whenever you can, the extent of the fruity flavor is just a sweetness that tempers any bitterness and nothing worse. It is not overwhelming, nor really a fruity flavor. Characteristic of all the ales I have reviewed, BA is full bodied and has very little bitterness, whether entering or leaving the mouth. The beverage is very smooth and has a peculiar aftertaste, but this may be because I had just gone to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned (No cavities - Woop Woop!). Try it for yourself (the beer and getting your teeth cleaned). I recommend this ale (and all dentists recommend getting your teeth cleaned) for just about any occasion, but definitely for the warmer months of the year - it is refreshing and tasty.

BA can be located at your local specialty liquor stores that carry imported beers or go to the Shepherd Neame websight and order online. A six pack of 12 ounce bottles cost me $8.49 at the local specialty store. A reasonable price if you are not planning on drinking to much. Alcohol content is 5.4% by volume.

I rank this Ale a high 4 BB & B's. It is a good solid ale that is definitely worth trying. If any of you will buy it for me I will make it my signature beer.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

Availability: Limited to specialty shops and on line.




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