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Beer Review
By Reggie

Western Reserve Brewing
You deserve a Reserve!

Before Spring springs upon us, there's time to enjoy one more winter brew. Although it's still plenty cold outside, most winter brews have been pulled from the shelves to make way for a bevy of Spring Ales. Unfortunately, I am not excited. Fortunately, I still had one of my favorite Winter Ales in reserve - Western Reserve Lake Effect Winter Ale

It's not that I find Spring Ales repulsive. In fact, they're perfect for their season. Nothing, however, warms my soul like a good Christmas or Winter brew on a 20 degree (Fahrenheit) day. The fuller body, the spicy flavor and nose, and rich copper colors have a warming effect that wards off the chill of any lake effect.

That's what makes Western Reserve Lake Effect Winter Ale an awesome winter ale. It meets all my criteria for a great winter ale. Let's review. First, here's the easy one, it has a rich copper color. Believe it or not, some brewers screw this up and make dark garnet beers that look almost black. Why is this important? Any chef will tell you that presentation is everything. The rich copper color seems to absorb candle light, fire light, and Christmas lights to help create a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere. Our beer does just that.

Next comes the nose. In all beers it should build anticipation of the flavors to come. Western Reserve Lake Effect Winter Ale teases the senses with hints of winter spices associated with holiday goodies. Gingerbread men and molasses cookies come to mind. As the glass tilts on my lips, the smells entice my palate with promises of flavors to come.

Western Reserve Lake Effect Winter Ale does not disappoint. It's flavor is everything I expected, and everything it promised. Gingerbread men dance on my tongue and down to my belly as I am warmed by winter spice. Alas, winter I will miss you. Not for the cold and snow, but for the ingenuity you inspire. The lake effect winters in Cleveland, Ohio have inspired a beauty.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.



Only available November until they run out!!






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