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Beer Review
By Greg

The  Star of PragueYears a go, St. Pauli Girl was my signature beer. For no particular reason, I stopped drinking it. Staropramen, the star of Prague, tastes exactly how I remember St. Pauli girl (insert bad joke here please).

Staropramen is very light in color and body, yet is flavorfull. It has citrus like smell, but tastes hoppy and is not bitter. I like how it goes down smooth. It is a very poundable beer (chug chug). I think I would have enjoyed it more on a hot summer day. A full bottle never lasted more than a couple of minutes.

Staropramen is in the same flavor class as St. Pauli Girl and Heineken, althought definitely better than Heineken. I'd call it a ritzy Euro-beer. Still, it's good. It gets a solid 4 BB & B's.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

Distributor: United States Beverage, Chicago





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