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Beer Review
By Tim

Dead Guy AleThis week my ale kick continues, but a little closer to home, geographically speaking. Searching for the most bizarre label that I could find, I came across a bottle of American Ale with a label of a skeleton holding a pint and sitting on a keg. The Ale is called Dead Guy Ale and is part of a whole family of beers/ales that are produced under the Rogue brand name. The companies motto is, 'Dedicated to the Rogue in each of us.'

I really appreciate all of this, of course, I mean it all seems pretty cool. Except that this particular ale pretty much tastes like its name, Dead Guy. NO!!!! I have never eaten any dead guy, but this stuff is pretty nasty.

As with all ales, Dead Guy Ale has a deep and rich taste. The problem is that there is only a minor hint of the sweetness and the rest is just plain bitterness. The aftertaste is even worse than the bitterness. I am not sure how any of the other beers on Rogue's list taste, but you have to be a true rogue to even want to try this stuff. I cannot imagine anything that it would taste good with, although the ale is potable.

I give this ale 2 BB & B's. Only because 1 BB & B is for beers that make me throw up. I do not recommend this at any occasion. If this is all you can find you have not looked hard enough. Brewed in Oregon and imported illegally to Ohio (we have poison laws) for somewhere around $6.00 a six pack. .

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: About 6 Samolians a 6 pack.





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