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Beer Review
By Greg

Michelob Amber BockThere are two kinds of beer enthusiasts - beer geeks, and beer snobs. The geeks know simply too much about beer. The snobs are geeks who are critical of the tastes of the less informed. It is inevitable, as we learn more that we'll become beer geeks. Hopefully we'll never become snobs. We select our beers each week with the hope of expanding our readers palates, or steering them away from bad experiences. This week I've chosen Michelob Amber Bock.

Beer snobs would not approve. "How can Anheuser-Busch make a good beer?" they might ask. I don't know how they make a good beer, but I know good beer when I taste it. This is good beer.

Michelob Amber Bock is rich garnet in color. The tap left it with a foamy head. As I brought the glass to my lips, I could smell its fruity aroma. When the beer made it to my mouth, it was not over carbonated like other A-B products. This was much more natural in feel. It tasted quite good too. After I swallowed, I was left with no bitter after taste, and was quite relieved.

I'll have to check with some beer geeks to find out why this is bock, or even if it is a true bock. When I was a kid, my Dad drank PBR Bock and Schlitz Bock in the spring. He told me it was only available then. He let me taste them. I don't remember too much about the flavor, but I do remember bock beer was always darker than the usual beers my Dad drank. As far as I know, that may be MAB's only bock quality. As long as it tastes good, who cares how it's classified?

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: About 6 Big Ones a 6 pack.



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