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Beer Review
By Tim

Caffrey's Irish AleBeing only a few days removed from St. Patties day, I focused on finding a beer that was Irish of origin and not very common. At least not as common as Guiness. I discovered Caffrey's Irish Ale. This Ale is brewed by the Thomas Caffrey Brewing Company in Ireland and imported by the Guiness Bass Import Company in Stamford, Connecticut. As with the majority of obscure or import beers that I have reviewed I have been unable to locate a web sight for the beer, brewing company, or importer. Regardless...

Caffrey's is sold in America in a four pack of 14.9 ounce tallboy cans. It is shipped with a nitrogen cartridge in the bottom so that it foams up as soon as the can is opened. COOL. The ale pours into a mug very well with very little over foam (if poured correctly - and the directions are on the can). Due to the cartridge the liquid is very cloudy and thick at first pour and then gradually clears to a golden clear color. Be careful not to pour the very last drop into your mug because it will make the head and drink bitter for a little while.

The transition time takes a few minutes so there are two different flavors that you will taste. The flavor changes as the ale clears. The first sips from the cloudy mix taste light with a creamy taste. The later sips from the clear liquid are good when sipped but turns bitter the longer in the mouth. It is very smooth with no real strong flavor. After the beer clears there is a quarter to half inch of fine thick head left on top. Caffrey's has some bitterness and very little of the sweetness that is characteristic of most ales. Since there is not a real strong taste I recommend this ale to quench your thirst while you are eating a food you really want to taste. It should not change or hide the flavor of that food.

I rate this ale 3 BB & B's. It is OK but really nothing special. Most of your friends will drink it and not complain. They might even think you cultured because you are drinking an imported beer. Reasonably priced.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: Reasonable



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