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Beer Review
By Greg

Okocim ZagtobaOn my birthday, over a month ago, one of my best friends greeted me with a bucket filled with an international assortment of beers. It was filled with beers from Germany, Holland, Poland, as well as a few domestic specialities. A taste fest began almost immediately. We drank our fill and then some, but we never emptied the bucket.

One of the last remaining beers was Okocim Zagtoba from Poland. If I had been blindfolded, at first taste, I would have sworn it was Pabst Blue Ribbon. I haven't had Pabst Blue Ribbon for many years now. I think the last time I had PBR was in Ootsberg Wisconsin in 1992 when I went to Green Bay to see the Steelers play. As I recall, either the beer was free or I was too drunk to care, or both. I know we had done several shots too that night.

If you haven't guessed, I am no fan of PBR. Consequently, I am not a fan of Okocim Zagtoba. If you've ever had PBR you'll understand. When I was younger, I thought PBR's bad taste came from the tin can it was poured from. OZ has that same tinny taste. It's like biting on tin foil - painful. It doesn't present itself very well either. It's a sickly yellow, and is way too carbonated.

If you like PBR this may be the beer for you. I won't drink it again, and I won't serve it to my friends. Okocim Zagtoba gets only 2 BB & B's.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.



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