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Beer Review
By Tim

Mai BockAfter many months I have returned to the shores of America and pulled from the shelves of my favorite specialty store a beer that rivals all those great ales I have been reviewing over the past few months. The beer is lager called Mai Bock brewed by the Sprecher Brewing Co. Inc. The corporate slogan is, "Dedicated Brewers producing fine European and Traditional Style Beer & Gourmet Sodas." If anybody knows, let alone tries, what a gourmet soda is please e-mail your favorite websight and tell us what it is.

Mai Bock, besides having a cool, mysterious name, is a seasonal lager aged over the winter months and sold during the springtime. MB ( NO, for all my friends, this does not mean Milwaukees Best) has the smooth sweet taste that is characteristic of an ale. It has only a mild bitter aftertaste but goes down smooth and tasty. It is a perfect spring brew - being a light sweet taste - almost like a springtime rain (hold me back I think I am going to break into song). The smell from the bottle is quite nasty so I advise that you pour the lager into an ice cold mug. The Sprecher websight says that the perfect drinking temperature is 50 degrees F, but if you pour it into a mug from the freezer you should be OK. The pour results in a thick tasty foam and a clear golden liquid.

MB is brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, with no additives or preservatives and is non-pasteurized (is it not great that a man who has been dead for a long time has his own websight - in French and English). As a result, the lager must be drunk within 90 days of the date marked on the bottle. (For best results.) The beer is brewed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (by Laverne and Shirley) and is bottled in pints (one bonus point from me).

I rank this beer 4 BB & B's and recommend it for all spring occasions. It is smooth and tastey with very little aftertaste. The price is $7.00 a 4 pack of pint bottles at six percent alcohol. (Maybe on the border of reasonable) .

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.






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