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Beer Review
By Reggie

A Great Dark Beer - Negra Modelo
A dark beer you need not fear!

Some people associate dark beers with the plague. In an earlier review, I recalled my early experience with some dark beers. Negra Modelo is not just some dark beer.

If you think dark beers are strictly porters and stouts consumed by burly men who still live with their mothers, for the most part your right. Negra Modelo though, is a different kind of dark beer. It is not heavy, it is not smokey, and it will leave you refreshed.

At first pour, Negra Modelo looks like any other dark beer. It has a creamy head and rich dark color. Upon close inspection NM is not black or dark brown, but a rich amber color. A subtle difference, but a hint of things to come.

Smooth Ice Cold -
A refreshing dark beer.

The nose is fruity and sweet -- a true precursor of its flavor. NM goes down smooth and leaves no after taste. It is a truly refreshing beer. I drank it, and enjoyed it equally, with and without lime. Lemon also works well with this beer.

If you've tried Corona and liked the flavor but didn't think it had enough body, Negra Modelo takes Corona to the next level. If you're a Corona fan, NM is a premium version for more upscale occasions or for those times you desire a richer beer but don't want to be weighed down. Negra Modelo gets a strong 5 BB & B rating.

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