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Big Beef Beer Review
By Tim

Ein good bierChristmas and the holiday season is now past and we can all look forward to the deep dark winter. It is time to dig in (dig out for those of you in the snow belt) and prepare for the next few months. As for any hibernation, there are a few essentials that should accompany the hibernator.

A bear typically stores all it needs in the belly but we humans must store our needs in coolers and on tapes. A collection of essentials (human style) might include a TV and VCR, some good movies, popcorn, and a warm blanket (or a warm person). The beverage that I am reviewing this week should also be included on this essential list.

The beverage is a malt liquor named Rauchenfelser Steinbrau (The Bavarian Specialty) produced in Germany by Privatbrauerei Franz Joseph Sailer and imported to the United States by Noble Union Trading LTD. The beverage comes in a pint bottle (for beer - bigger is better) with a cap that is ceramic and attached by a wire mechanism. The label is dark blue, gold, and red with an image that shows a tongs holding a piece of coal over a wood fire. I

As for the drink itself... (Wait I ran out ... be right back.) The aroma is pleasant and very light, almost indistinguishable. The liquid is a dark amber color and, although light will shine through, very cloudy. In fact, there is some sediment in the drink and at the bottom of the glass when finished. This does not detract from the drink at all. The flavor is mild (surprisingly for a German beer) but full bodied with a rich sweetness. There is also no bitterness going into the mouth or throat and no aftertaste. I drank the beverage cold with an ice cold mug. This is the best damn beer that I have ever tasted. I am quite surprised that it tasted so good since I found it in a pile of dust on the bottom shelf in specialty liquor store. For all you out there who passed it up, sorry, rush out and buy as much as you can.

I rank this beer the highest ranking possible at 5 Big Beefs and Beers. For those who don't like bitter or dark beer there is no other answer. Each bottle was $3.75 and may be difficult to find. Look hard, it is worth it. Or wait to drink it at the Big Beef and Beer Restaurant.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.

Availability: May be hard to find.

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