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Beer Review
By Greg

Take a bite out of life!Summer time beers are a special kind of brew. They should go down smoothly. They should be light in body and color. They should have no bitter aftertaste. Tecate could be one of the perfect summer beers.

I believe that when most people think of Mexican beer, they think of Corona. Why not? Corona has an excellent marketing campaign. Corona conjurs images of beaches, palm trees, and escape from everyday life. For some, Corona is a good beer. I like it. It is a respectable beer. It has, however, been Americanized.

Drink Me!Corona is a watered down version of Tecate. Tecate, has more body, more color, and most importantly, more flavor than Corona. Corona is a rich beer compared to the likes of Bud Light, or Miller Lite. Tecate will appeal to people who like their beers with more style.

If you're a Corona drinker who isn't quite satisfied, Tecate could be the beer for you. It goes down just as smooth. It has no aftertaste. Finally, it offers full flavor, but won't weigh you down. Tecate is an excellent choice for a summer time change of pace.

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