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Beer Review
By Tim

The Bodeans - Not Affiliated with Bodeans Twisted Tea
The Bodeans -- Not affiliated with Bodean's Twisted Tea

It has been over six months since I strayed away from the world of beer to bring the Big Beef and Beer faithful the taste of cider. It is due time for another journey out of the world of beer. This time I was looking for a drink that would be truly refreshing and keep the summer theme of ice tea or lemonade. So, at the request of the field offices in Hilliard, Ohio, I review a beverage that is called Bodean's Twisted Tea. (The web sight is currently under construction.) It is a tea and lemon flavored malt beverage produced by the Twisted Tea Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

My feelings on tea are summed up by Paul Newman in the movie Nobody's Fool that came out a few years back. When asked if he would have tea his answer was, "Not now, not ever.' I cannot stand it, but I do not think that Bodean's is half bad during a big thirst. It tastes a little sweet with lemon and not so strong tea taste. There is no after taste and no bad smell - I am shocked that something made out of malt can taste this way. It tastes like sweetened, lemon flavored, iced tea. Available in summer and sold in 12 ounce bottles at most locations for near $6.00 a six pack. 5% alcohol by volume.

I rate this drink: 3 BB & B's. I recommend it only for those hot summer days after a hard day of working in the heat. Everyone should try it at least once. If you are an iced tea drinker I think you will love it.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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