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Beer Review
By Greg

Oasis Blueberry Ale
Oasis Blueberry Ale -- Ale fermented with Blueberries

After my last experience with fruit flavored beverages, I vowed I would not drink another beer that was flavored with any fruit other than hops. Things like fruits and berries don't belong in beer, do they? Well, I found my thrill with Oasis Blueberry Ale.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this ale that proudly proclaims it is fermented with blueberries. It was never what I expected. Before I opened it, I thought, perhaps, it would pour a deep blue color. Instead, it poured a medium red, not unlike Killian's Red. It was a good omen. It told me the brewers might be serious.

Although its aroma was fruity, it wasn't overwhelming. I couldn't smell blueberries, but I could smell something sweet. I prepared myself for the worst. I was expecting a sugar beer.

What I got when I tasted the beer was more pleasant surprises. First, I really couldn't taste blueberries. Second, it wasn't terribly sweet. It went down smooth. Only after letting it linger on my tongue for a few minutes, could I taste the subtle presence of blueberries. Wow!

Oasis Blueberry Ale gets a respectable 4 out of 5 BB & B's. This beer will work for any occasion and for any type of beer drinker. I especially found it refreshing in 90 degree heat with 95% humidity.
Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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