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Big Beef Beer Review
By Greg

Cider Jack Raspberry Hard CiderHalloween signals the end of October, and alas, the end of our month of cider. After the cidernationals ended in tragedy, I was hoping to end our month on a high note. I wanted to try a very special cider. My selection was Cider Jack Raspberry Hard Cider.

Raspberry and apple fused to together by true craftsmen to create a superior cider sensation is what I expected when I spied the label. I assumed that perhaps the brewers, American Hard Cider Co. in Vermont, threw some raspberries and sugar in some apple cider and let it age together, just like Mr. Snyders applejack (except he used raisins). I'm sure it was his personal attention that made the beverage so special.

What I got was hard cider, sugar, raspberry concentrate, sulphur dioxide, and a bevy of other chemicals all mixed up in a bucket to create a concotion that mostly resembled altar wine. When I was in the seminary, I often did partake privately in the pre-sacramental poison of parishoners and priests. and I enjoyed its flavor. This was not what I wanted out of a cider though. The label says, "lightly carbonated." I say it was flat. The label says, "100% hard raspberry apple cider." I say its 70% hard apple cider with raspberry concentrate, and a bunch of garbage added.

I will whine no more. You could probably pass this off as a wine cooler for your feminine friends. It gets a generous 2 BB & B rating.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: Paid $4.99 for a six-pack

Availability:  Widely available.