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Beer Review
By Tim

Oasis Blueberry Ale
Carib Shandy -- Is it really beer?

In keeping with the warm and mellow summer spirit I am continuing the journey away from the main stream of beverages. The last stop was the Deep South with a little Twisted Tea. This stop is even farther south, to beautiful ocean front beaches, skies and oceans so blue that it makes your eyes hurt, and the place where most people dream of taking vacations. This stop takes us through the waters of the Caribbean to Trinidad, the home of, among many other things the Carib Brewery. I have selected one of the 10 or 11 beverages in the Carib lineup to review.

Just as a disclaimer – I had no previous knowledge of the drink or the brewery. I merely selected this drink because it was advertised as a lager beer, but was the color of red. And I thought that was just about the oddest thing that I had ever seen. I had to try it. All the way home I kept thinking that for some reason it would taste like cherry soda pop. Well, after the first sip it was not cherry soda pop but it was as close as you could get. The odor is tangy and fruity. The taste begins with a mild clove and fruit taste and finishes like a Del Monte Mixed Fruit fruit cup. It is fairly sweet and very tasty. The ‘beer' is advertised as ‘an exciting blend of lager beer and sorrel', (isn't sorrel a horse). After consulting the unusual vegetables section of my gardening book I found that sorrel is a vegetable. The leaves are lemony and very strong. I guess that is what gives the drink its fruity taste.

They also make a stout!

This drink is not a beer!!!!!! It is very tasty and smooth but if you are looking for beer do not buy it. I recommend it for warm afternoons at a family gathering or an event where socializing is the number one priority. It will quench your thirst. If you are a guy and are wondering what your friends will think when you pull one of these out…it is best to just not try.

I give this drink 5 BB & B's only because it is a perfect summertime drink. Please use in the correct situations.

Carib Shandy is and looks red, and comes in a 12oz. Bottle. It is imported by DCI Miami, Inc. in Miami Florida. Alcohol by volume is 1.2%, which makes it a reasonable alternative when you want the flavor without the alcohol. It can be purchased in a six-pack of bottles for around eight dollars at your local specialty store.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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