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Beer Review
By Reggie

I Think I'll have another Irish Cream
Did too much of Wexford's Irish Cream cause this lady to fall and break her arm?

Our friends in the British Isles are quite proud of their draughtflow system of serving beer. They're so proud, in fact, that many of the beers they export include some kind of widget inside that releases inert gasses when the can is opened. Apparently, this mimics the effects of the draughtflow system. I must admit I like this.

Wexford's Irish Cream Ale uses this Widget to produce a thick creamy head atop of each pour. If I ran out of Gillette Foamy, I could pour a can of Wexford's and shave. My friend's who've never tried this pseudo-draft system were quite impressed with the body and texture it produces.

Got any Irish Cream?
'Ow 'bout a lift?

Wexford lives up to the "cream ale" label. If all you've ever had is Genessee Cream Ale, you're in for a big surprise. This brew is as about as smooth a cup of half & half. It is full bodied, smooth and pleasant tasting. It may be a bit rich for the average beer drinker.

Wexford is a small town in Ireland. The pictures on this page are from a Wexford news website and from Wexford. Wexford's Irish Cream Ale, however, is brewed in London. It seems only the recipe originates in Wexford.

I liked this beer, but it could be a tad smoother. I would prefer Boddington's to Wexford's. Still, Wexford's is worth trying. It's a bit expensive to keep in the fridge all the time. I spent $7.00 for 4 pints. Make this beer a special treat.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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