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Beer Review
By Reggie

Mike's Hard Lemonade
How can you screw up a beer made with pumpkins?

In the last beer review, we bid farewell to summer in grand fashion. I was hoping to welcome fall in just the same fashion. However, the Crooked River Brewing company let me down again.

I've had their Stadium Lager, and their Ballpark Ale - both of which have disappointed me. Looking back, I do recall enjoying their Yultide Ale. With that in mind, and because Crooked River is a local brewery, I wanted to give them another shot. I thought I couldn't go wrong with their Pumpkin Harvest Ale. Was I wrong.

I first tried a pumpkin brew nearly a year ago in Las Vegas at the Holy Cow Brewery. I found the subtle pumpkin flavor was delicious in a glass of beer. I eagerly awaited my next opportunity to try another pumpkin ale.

Did they screw this up too?!?

I finally got my chance last week at the local grocery store. I stumbled into it quite by accident. I wasn't expecting any pumpkin ales on the shelves for a few more weeks. I looked for other pumpkin ales. I could only find this one at the time. Reluctantly, I picked this six-pack up.

Upon first pour, PH is pale for a pumpkin ale. It's nose is weak too. Ultimately, so was it's flavor. I was expecting a richer beer in color, bouquet, and body. I wanted to taste nutmeg and pumpkin. I wanted a glass of pumpkin pie. Instead I got a glass of slop - an ordinary beer at best. Perhaps if my expectations weren't so high, this beer would get 2 BB & B's. Instead, it gets just 1!

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.







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