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Big Beef Beer Review
By Tim

The fine month of October is gone and with it the leaves, warm weather, the crops...and...and...and...cider. The first theme month for the Big Beef and Beer Review is over and a raging success. The only drawback was a small fee for damages during the Cidernationals. For those of you still interested in cider look for the next review eleven months from now or reread the last four weeks of reviews.

Now for November...The first beer review for the new month is Warsteiner. I rate this beer: 3BB & B's An economical beer, that tastes good. I recommend for all occasions.

Warsteiner ( is imported from Warstein, Germany. The beer, unexpectedly, is not a dark beer but a pilsner. I stumbled across it recently in the grocery store while I was looking for a different, more expensive beer (than Miller Lite). The beer is refreshing with a slight bitter taste and aftertaste. I do not recommend drinking it with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but it does taste good with steak, chili, beef, etc. Probably could be drank at any meal with red meat. The beer does not have any negative attributes but does not rank higher on the Big Beef and Beer scale because it does not have any strong positive attributes that you might expect from imported beers. Warsteiner is a beer that you could serve just about at any time and with anybody (as long as they drink beer) and it will be a success.

Two slogans adorn the bottle. On the front,'Die Konigin Unter Den Bieren' (The Queen among Beers) and the back,'Because life is too short to drink cheap beer.' It is labeled as the number one selling beer in Germany (I have not been able to verify that). I purchased this beer at Kroger's (that bastion of fine beers) and paid $6.40 for a six pack.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: Paid $6.40 (US)for a six-pack

Availability:  Widely available.