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Big Beef Beer Review
By Tim

Winter's here let's have a beer. This review begins another big beef and beer theme month. Although nothing like the 'cidernationals' this should be a very exciting month due to the holidays. At the big beef and beer home offices (on my new high speed computer) we have been searching day and night for beers that have that seasonal flavor of winter and Christmas. In other words, beers with winter, holiday, Christmas, etc., in the title. I expect that the majority of beers will be new to most, let alone myself. This week I did not travel to far afield and again delved into the local grocery beer shelves. The beer: Winterhook - Winter Ale produced by, as you might have guessed, The Redhook Ale Brewery.

I rate this beer 3 BBB's. It is uncommonly smooth but has bitter aftertaste.

Winterhook is brewed and bottled for only a short time period each year, which is true for most winter/holiday brews. It is brewed with custom kilned 2-row barley, Williamette and U.S. Goldings hops, caramel 80 (Not the caramel candy that you got on Halloween), and a touch of chocolate malt. The beer itself is smooth and the initial flavor is pleasant. Once the beer reaches the back of the mouth the flavor becomes bitter. There is also a bitter aftertaste. Although the bitterness caused me to rate this beer less than 4 BBB's I would buy it again and definitely serve it to my friends. If you like microbreweries or beer with a little bitter flavor this is the beer for you. The label on the bottle shows old man winter and looks pretty cool. This beer can be purchase at most stores that sell beer for about $6.50.


Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: Paid $6.50 for a standard six pack.

Availability: Widely Available .